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authentic Vietnamese cuisines

Pho Vina Burien



Pho Vina, located in Burien, Washington. 

Pho Vina Restaurant is a family-owned business featuring an authentic Vietnamese menu with a touch of Asian fusion foods that will bring diners a new experience about Asian cuisines. The special feature of Pho Vina Burien Restaurant is our exclusive vegetarian menu inspired by the owner’s mother who has been a Buddhist vegan for many years. She believes that vegans/vegetarians can enjoy Great foods and having good health at the same time too. The Pho Vina Restaurant was founded in the memory of Vietnam, and the idea of having both vegan and non-vegans having dinner in the same table.

About Us


authentic Vietnamese cuisines

With the purpose to create an upscale and cozy atmosphere but still warm and feel-like home experience for the diner. Our chefs are willing to customize dishes based on diner’s references and our existing menu. Let us do all the hard work so you can just relax and enjoy your time with your beloved ones.


With two sets of a menu (“Meat Lover" and Vegetarian), Vina Restaurant will be the ideal place for a wide and varied clientele. They can have met here, a place for quiet conversation, for family gatherings or for any special occasion. We aim to provide the coolest experience for customers when trusting Vina as their dining place.



Why Pho!

With so many food trends circulating the blogosphere, it’s hard to keep up, let alone narrow down which ones are actually good and not just a bunch of overhyped mumbo jumbo. Enter: Pho. Pronounced like the word “uh” rather than “oh,” Pho has been making great strides in terms of gaining popularity in the food world. Starting out as a quintessential dish for families in Vietnam, the original version of the dish has been around for centuries.

Although all soups are great, especially in the winter, or on a cold rainy day when you just crave that warm feeling in your belly, pho has most of those other soups beat for its efficiency in the summer as well. While it does have that hot broth that can get you through a thousand winters, this broth is also very very light. It isn’t oily, like in most chicken noodle soups, or pureed, like in tomato; it’s just heavy enough so that it doesn’t feel like you’re eating seasoned water, but light enough to tide your hunger over in the summer if you’re not really bothered by its temperature. But who are we kidding? With its amazing flavour, how can one say no to that in any weather, even if the temperature does kind of bother them?

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